Gas plants

We offer specialised cryogenic and gas solutions and applications in a wide range of industrial sectors, manufacturing cryogenic storage vessels ranging from general purpose open dewars to liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen and helium vessels.

Liquid nitrogen generator

  • 10 L/hr

Liquid nitrogen generator

  • 20/30/65 L/hr

Industrial generator LN2

  • 240/480/720/960 L/hr

Open dewars

All stainless steel vacuum insulated dewars for use with liquid nitrogen in a wide range of experiments and applications. Capacities range from 0.5 to 50 litres.

TPV and PV Series

Self-pressurising cryogenic vessels for liquid nitrogen.

LGT Series

Self-pressurised gaseous supply, containers designed to efficiently store liquid nitrogen, argon and oxygen

CH and CH in bulk

Self-pressurising gaseous supply containers designed to efficiently store liquid nitrogen, argon or oxygen.

Well service tanks

The range of tanks are available from 500 to 4400 usg and in various frame configurations, including 10, 16 and 20 foot sizes.
Wellservice DNV 2.7-1

Skid tanks

It has been designed for where DNV is not yet required, the tank must be fully transportable, chassis mounted via simple twist locks for easy loading and unloading.

Chemical tanks

We can offer 500 and 1,000 gallons and a 4000 litre T11 vertical chemical tank designed to DNV 2.7-1.IMDG / ADR with a design pressure of 3.3 Bar G.

Road tanks

Custom-built cryogenic trailer, tank trucks with multiple options, for different capacities, running gear, working under pressure, valve cabinets and transfer pumps.


The ISO VAC 20 has been designed as an ISO standard 20-foot container for the safe storage and transport of liquefied CO2 gases.


Range of ISO tanks for LNG applications

Acid pack

The coated ACID PACK tank is for IMDG T14 acid transport and storage tank. The ACID PACK is CSC approved and fully certified for land use.

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