Charging stations for electric vehicles

Since 1992, IES Synergy has been at the forefront of advanced charging solutions for the electric vehicle market.

By maintaining the constant technological development of its facilities and charging stations, it has managed to establish itself among the leading manufacturers in the European market for the handling of high-speed chargers.


24 kW Wallbox KEYWATT MS

24 kW

KEYWATT 50 Multi Standard

22 kW AC / 43 kW AC / 50 kW DC

KEYWATT 50 Multi Standard

22 kW AC / 24 kW DC

50kW KEYWATT for eBus

50 kW

Keywatt® Trolley

10 kW

Keywatt® Cube

 50 kW 

Integrated chargers

We provide you with engineering solutions of proven quality with technological equipment of excellent brands, supported by a highly qualified and professional workforce. ERKA SOLUCIONES