Renewable energy

ERKA SOLUCIONES provides renewable energy solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, through grid-connected or stand-alone systems, with storage or hybrid systems, allowing significant fuel savings.

Grid-tied Photovoltaic inverters 

Residential and commercial installations and photovoltaic power plants



Battery-powered Inverter

  • Residential and commercial installations and photovoltaic power plants
  • Hybrid or stand-alone systems

Solutions for central and decentralized PV power plants

  • Plug & Play systems for photovoltaic power plants runing over 1 MW
  • Battery-powered inverter systems for PV power plants

Off-grid and hybrid systems

Fuel savings in diesel power generation systems

Solar panels

  • Monocrystalline
  • Polycrystalline 

Roof mounted systems

Structures for all roof types and coverings

Ground-mounted systems

  • On piles directly buried in the ground
  • On concrete foundations

SCADA systems

Monitoring systems for photovoltaic solutions

Solar pumping systems

  • Use in agriculture and livestock
  • Social use
  • Swimming pools

125, 225, 330, 500 and 800 liters solar milk tanks

Their high cooling capacity allows them to cool a milking volume to a temperature of 4°C in 2 hours, with an outside temperature of 35°C.

Accessories for electric cattle fences

Security protection solutions for livestock farms.

We provide you with engineering solutions and services with technological equipment of excellent brands of proven quality, supported by a highly qualified and professional workforce. ERKA SOLUCIONES