Water treatment

ERKA SOLUCIONES supplies water treatment equipment for the Industry sector, customised to meet client’s needs, also provides refurbishment, chemical supply and related services

Wastewater neutralisation plants

  • Capacity up to 200 m³/h.
  • Variable PHs inside the ph range

Reverse osmosis equipment

Wide range of capabilities for brackish water demineralization

Wastewater treatment plants

Made of steel and designed for easy installation and relocation if required

Reverse osmosis seawater desalination plants

  • Capacity up to 1000 m³/day
  • Salinity up to 42000 ppm

Water softener

Ion exchange water softeners for hardnesses up to 10,000 mg / L


Ion exchange water demineralizers in different capacities

Hydro-pneumatic systems

  • Pressure up to 14kg/cm²
  • Capacity up to 100 100 m³/h

Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Polishing

Efficiently combining both cation and anion resins in a single unit with compressed air for maximum purification results

Granular media filtration

Well or surface water treatment

Corrugated Plate Separator (CPS) for Oily water

Capacities: 10, 20, 30, 50 and 90 m³/h

Condensate polishers

For steam cycles with medium and high operating pressures

Process water

For medium and high pressure steam cycles

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