Airport Engineer System

ERKA SOLUCIONES covers the complete range of engineering solutions for aerodromes; tackling, with technical support, factory guarantee and complying with international regulations, any projects demanding any degree of skill.

Approach lighting system

  • FX range (LED)
  • ZA range (tungsten halogen)

PAPI lighting

Light units to provide a visual indication of an aircraft’s position

Runway lighting

Spare parts and accessories for FX and ZA ranges

Taxiway lighting

LED and tungsten halogen lighting for taxiway systems

Edge lighting

Apron and taxiway edge lighting

Airfield Cables and Transformers

Airfield lighting cables, transformers and connector kits

Guidance Signs

Taxiway guidance signs, RHAG markers, stand number indicators and parking stop signs

Modular control system

Cable Termination Panel MK8 D20 Control Contactor Unit


Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control Systems


Control system for airports with lower volumes of traffic

Constant Current Regulators

MICRO 100 and MICRO 200

Circuit Cut-Out Switch

Serial circuit cut-out switch and Multiway Circuit Selector Switch

Runway Incursion System

Avoids incorrect presence on the protected area of the surface designated for the landing and taking off.

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