SCADA Systems

ERKA SOLUCIONES has certified specialists in SCADA systems development with good practices in programming and software design ensuring best quality and efficiency of the SCADA. Management, distribution, store and display of data are the prime objectives of our SCADAs, consolidating all the information in real-time and one place, facilitating future decision making


  • RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) interfaces objects in the physical world to a distributed control system and is responsible for collecting their state information
  • Communication devices send data from various sources to a central location. They are interconnected through copper of fiber optic communication cables
  • HMI (human-machine interface) is fundamentally a PC system that runs powerful programs allowing to display info graphically, store data, transmit alarms and operate controls as needed

HMI, F24V Switch

Servers for information management

PLC, input and output modules, routers


Tailor-made software achieved through collaborative meetings by specialist and clientss

Main features

  • Meet the maximum facility efficiency
  • Field elements centralized supervision
  • Alarms and Trends Management
  • Report generation and historical data storage
  • Power generators integration
  • Systems customization


  • Industrial SCADA
  • Photovoltaic SCADA
  • SCADA for smart buildings
  • SCADA for electrical systems

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