Medium voltage up to 69 kV

More than 20 years of expertise in developing solutions aiming to meet the most particular needs of our clients. Equipment guarantee, access to: product development, factories, and testing labs are quite explicitly set out on distribution agreements signed with our manufactures

Line disconnectors

Switch-Disconnectors with grounding option, horizontal or vertical, motorized or not

Medium voltage cables

  • Cu or Al power transmission cables
  • XLPE and HEPR insulation
  • Teck 90 Armored Cables
  • Special cables

Medium voltage switchgear

  • Primary and secondary distribution switchgear
  • Insulated against gas or air
  • Disconnector, switch, fuse, measurement, among others functions
  • Switchgear sets or isolated functions

Compact substations

Compact pad-mounted substations, primary selective system, LV switchgears, delivered energy measurement and reading, automation for remote-control and signaling circuits

Distribution transformers

  • Pad-mounted and Minipad
  • Pedestal-type
  • Network
  • Cast-resin dry-type
  • Vault-type
  • Regulating
  • Pole-type

Cast-resin dry-type transformers

  • Without enclosure
  • With IP31-IK7 metal enclosure
  • Electrical power track system terminals
  • Air Forced (AF) cooling
  • Plug-in terminals

Oil treatment plants

  • Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification
  • Insulating oil treatment either mineral or synthetic
  • Improvement of transformers lifespan and efficiency

Cable accessories

  • Terminations
  • Splices
  • Connectors
  • Wye
  • Insulating tapes
  • Splicers tools

Electrical-line and substation fittings

  • Bolted connectors: T-shape, straight, left/right sided, angled or grounding
  • Copper, aluminum or bimetallic pass-through connectors

Circuit Brakers

  • Different types of ceramic and polymer cut-out breakers
  • Links, fuse tubes and blade disconnect switches
  • Mounting fixtures and fittings

Overhead line connectors

  • AMPACT wedge
  • Clamps
  • Split Bolt

Raw Materials

Raw materials for cable manufacturing, namely copper and aluminum wire rod

Switches and reclosers

  • Automatic Circuit Breakers and Reclosers
  • Automation, remote control, data logging and overhead lines monitoring


  • Protection, control, measurement, supervision and communication


Three Phase Motors

  • Weather-Protected type II enclosure (WP II)
  • Totally Enclosed Water to Air Cooled (TEWAC)
  • Totally Enclosed Air Over (TEAO)
  • Total Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)

Transformer spare parts and accessories

  • Radiators
  • Tap-changers
  • Protections
  • Conservator tanks

Modular Prefabricated Distribution Centers

  • Flexible design can be deployed in a variety of configurations and applications
  • Factory-assembled, wired, and tested for quick, confident installation and energization

MV Switchgear

Standard or tailor-made equipment fulfilling installation requirements

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