Low Voltage Switchboards

ERKA SOLUCIONES provides energy efficiency solutions as well as a variety of products to optimize LV switchgears, ensuring the installation quality, safety and reliability in compliance with international standards.


Primary and secondary switchboards in residential, industrial and tertiary sector


Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) backup for critical loads

Low voltage stabilizers

Electrical equipment protection from harmful low/high voltage fluctuations


Reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering

Improving facility efficiency and power factor with Fixed or automatic capacitor banks


More than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of switchboards with the use of CAD software for engineering and top tech assembly systems in full compliance with existing standards.

ERKA SOLUCIONES has created switchboard workshops in 6 different manufacturer-certified facilities with excellent quality control.

Up to 6300 Amp Switchboards manufacturing for residential, industrial and tertiary sector covering a wide range of applications such as power distribution, motor control center (MCC), DC power supply, Network switching, process automation among many others. Services for switchboards repair and/or remodeling as well as power quality studies, reactive energy compensation and retrofits are provided.

Your source for top quality engineering solutions with technological equipment from excellent brands, supported by a highly qualified and professional workforce.