High voltage (69-220 kV)

The product catalogue supplied by ERKA SOLUCIONES complies with international standards, ensuring its quality as a result of our manufacturers control, development and certification processes.

Insulators up to 800 kV

  • Polymeric and porcelain insulators
  • Line post, suspended and bushing insulators

Transmission cables

Bare cables type AAC, ACSR, AAAC, ACAR, AACSR, T-ACSR for electrical energy transmission and distribution


  • Outdoor vacuum circuit breakers, live tank and dead tank

  • Hybrid solutions with different functions

Lightning Arrester

  • Surge arresters up to 800 kV (silicone, polymeric and porcelain)
  • Surge Voltage Suppressor for overhead transmission lines


  • Central, lateral or double lateral opening disconnectors
  • Horizontal, linear, inverted or vertical position
  • With or without earthing blade

Power transformers

Power transformers for 30 to 400 MVA substations

Current and potential transformers

Complete range of current and voltage transformers up to 800 kV


Engineering, supply, training, supervision and commissioning of complete substations up to 800 kV


Metal lattice towers and structures manufacturing for power lines and substations

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